BIKEBLITZ is here to help you improve your cycling strength, speed and fitness.  Bike Blitz uses gym and home exercises to improve your posture, strength and stability that riding on the bike alone will not achieve. is a 4 week program designed specially for cyclists.

“I was worried about doing an online programme and not knowing how to follow it, but it’s so comprehensive, well laid out and with very clear explanations and videos, it’s great”.

“I’m at the beginning of Week 4 and have already knocked 6 mins off my Mount Lofty Ride”



BIKE BLITZ is a 4 week program designed specially for cyclists. It includes targeted step-by-step home* and gym exercises that build strength and assist with flexibility to improve your overall cycling performance. The program has beginner, intermediate and advanced level options and is suitable for all levels of fitness.

You will have full access to all the exercise videos to make sure you are performing each exercise with the correct technique. Quick workouts 3-4 workouts a week that take between 20-60 mins and some bike specific training ideas.

Bike Blitz includes daily meal plans (designed for meat eaters but with some vegetarian options), with a weekly shopping list.  There are nutritional guides for pre/post exercise with some healthy efficient snack ideas for longer rides.

Start today and watch the changes happen; for the casual cyclist that wants to improve their fitness all the way through to the more competitive cyclist that wants to get stronger and faster.


“3 weeks in and I am feeling stronger and looser already”

“I was worried about doing an online programme and not knowing how to follow it, but it’s so comprehensive, well laid out and with very clear explanations and videos, it’s great”.

“The exercises are excellent and keep me motivated and on track”.

“I’ve been making the most of commuting into work and getting fitter already by including the interval training days into my commute”.

“The food plan is so achievable, even the kids will eat all the meals”.

“I can already feel my core strength improving and I’m lasting longer on the bike with NO back pain! Such a difference, thanks so much”.

“Such good value for money, the programme is really well presented and easy to follow. The exercise videos really help, it’s great to have something to follow”.

“Bike Blitz has a huge amount of valuable content, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to get until I received it all.  There is a lot of great content, Nicki’s passion and knowledge is very apparent. I’m looking forward to starting!”.

Bike Blitz has been endorsed by Nutritionist Craig Beames and Physiotherapist James McEwan.

*The home programme does require that you have a small amount of equipment – 3 x dumbbells: light, medium and heavy, Swiss Ball, Medium Grade Resistance Band and a Foam Roller.  This doesn’t have to be expensive as most equipment can be found at Kmart.  You need more than just body weight to see maximum results in 4 weeks.

6 thoughts on ““BIKEBLITZ”

  • Matt Edwards


    My name is Matt Edwards and i am interested in Bikeblitz and possibly personal training. I have always been a fit guy and have been riding for 7 years now. In the last 6 months i have found i have gone backwards due to work commitments , Children which has interrupted my diet and training . Im interested in hearing more about what you could offer.
    From what i see it is only $96.00 for Bikeblitz?
    I really need a hand with my diet and to get me focused for the upcoming summer of riding . I have read the testimonials and can relate to them.
    Up Lofty i was around 27min but now out to 33min as i have put on 7 kg and lost strength.
    I am only a few streets away in Benny Crescent .

    Ps i am 42 years of age and would say i would look at Intermediate level of traiining.

    Regards Matt

    • Nicki Jennison

      Hi Matt,
      Firstly, massive apologies! I have just gone into the backend of my website and this message popped up! It’s about 2 months old now, so I am sure you have got yourself sorted with something already. However if you haven’t and you still need help then please get in touch by calling me on 0414 544944 or emailing me at Please don’t reply to this actual message as I don’t get notifications of messages (i will look into sorting this out now!) so I don’t want to miss out replying to you again. Being just around the corner as well feel free to organise a catch up if you still have fitness goals you need to chat about. Again I am so sorry. If you had emailed or called I would have got back to you instantly. I had no idea that messages could be left on this page! Training is my forte, clearly not IT! Hope to hear from you soon, even if it’s to let me know how you have got on. Thanks Nicki

  • Megan Pettitt

    Hi very interested but is the program customised as I am just getting back into riding after 6 months off and knee surgey 11 weeks ago.

    • Nicki Jennison

      Hi Megan, Thanks for your enquiry, sorry it has taken long to get back to, I have only just stumbled across this by mistake and was notified about your comment. No, the program is not customised, however when you sign up you get access to the facebook group where you can ask me questions and I can help you along the way. Cycling is a great way to rehab the knees, however some of the more strenuous leg exercises in the bike blitz programme may not be suitable depending on what type of surgery etc. If you want something more customised then it would be good to have a chat. Please feel free to call me on 0414544944 or email me at Please don’t reply to this as I am not sure how about being notified immediately. I’m great at training and helping people out, but rubbish at the tech side!! 😉

  • Annie Whitton

    I struggle to get a better speed on the bike and want to do iron man so have to get my speed up can you help me

    • Nicki Jennison

      Hi Annie, Sorry for the slow response, I have only just seen your question. Yes Bike Blitz can definitely help with speed. Everyones times get better after completing the programme. It works on improving your strength for better ‘Push and Pull” power. I would give it a go, great to do for an ironman as the core element will also help you with your swim. Legs will help you with your run. Any more questions please feel free to email me on As I am not sure where this comment got lost to initially!

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