BiosignatureHow quickly will I see results?

Within a week. Weekly measurements will show you just how quickly your body will respond to the right programme for you. You can expect to see some major changes with in 8-12 weeks. Of course this does depend on you, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

Do I need to take supplements?

The first recommendation will be to check your Digestive Enzyme levels with a quick test. If you are deficient then it will definitely speed up your progress by supplementing with Digestive enzyme until your own levels are back to optimum. We will also Zinc test you to make sure you have enough Zinc to aid with Insulin sensitivity (how you manage sugar), and to help your immunity. The supplements recommended are going to be specific to your results from the measurements, you will only be recommended what will help you specifically. Supplements will speed up your results. They are of the best quality and are used by Olympic athletes.

What do I need to wear?

The callipers are sensitive enough to measure through clothing. So if you feel shy please wear thin clothing (jeans are a bit thick)

The best type of clothing is:

  • a vest top or t’shirt for your top half and
  • shorts or lose thin trousers for your bottom half.

Please avoid:

  • Shiny lycra/tight fabric as this can cause the callipers to slip
  • Racer back tops as they tend to cut into the shoulder blade where we need to take your measurement.
Do I need to be a gym member?

No you don’t. I can see you in my office in South Brighton, no need to have a gym membership.

Do I need to exercise whilst doing Biosignature?

You will get the best results if you follow an exercise programme and this can be done in a gym at home or outdoors.

Traditional cardio exercises like running or cycling can actually be counter productive to your weight loss goal, so it is always a great idea to get a programme designed to suit your hormonal profile.

It may be that following a course of yoga/pilates is going to suit your body best if your priority is high stress levels.

If you are wanting to build muscle and increase testosterone then a weights programme will suit you best.

We can discuss what you are currently doing and the equipment that you have and with my 13 years of Personal Training experience we can get the right programme to suit you and give you the maximum results in the minimum time.

Can I do Biosignature with a friend?

You can definitely bring a friend with you to Biosignature, that way you can help motivate each other. You will both be measured and treated as individuals whilst receiving a 10% discount off your first session.

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What is Biosignature?

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