Breakfast – is it really that important for fat loss?

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Breakfast is it really that important for fat loss?
Breakfast – is it really that important for fat loss?

Yes! What you eat for breakfast sets you up for the rest of the day.

Skipping Breakfast.
If you starve yourself and don’t eat till later then your body gets set for starvation and slows its metabolism, then anything you do eat later on gets burnt off slower. Not good news if you are trying to lose weight.
Coffee with sugar as a breakfast substitute will cause you to crash and burn and long term it will cause inflammation and stress in the body and lead to fatigue and sickness.

Eating a ‘healthy’ breakfast
If you eat lots of carbs/sugar first thing in the morning then your body becomes insulin resistant for the rest of the day (meaning you won’t break down sugars very well and you will end up storing sugar as fat rather than using it as an energy source). Most people would fall into this category, however most would not even realize they were eating high sugar breakfasts but instead think that they were having a ‘healthy’ breakfast!

Most Breakfast cereals
Fruit Juice
Fruit smoothies
Low fat yoghurt

All these food items are loaded in sugar, similar to having a can of coke for breakfast!

What are your best breakfast ideas?
Eating a good source of fat and protein will not only help you to feel fuller for longer but it will stoke up your fat burning furnace – your metabolism.
The meat and nut breakfast is a great way to start your day. Famous strength coach Charles Poliquin has been recommending this breakfast to Olympic athletes for years. For more information on the meat and nut breakfast then click here.
If the thought of meat and nuts for breakfast is too much to start with then try these alternatives.

Paleo Loaf
Eggs and smoked salmon with steamed spinach or asparagus
Chicken Frittata – made the night before
Leftovers from your dinner – super quick and easy.
Chia seeds soaked overnight in coconut milk
A green smoothie (veg, not fruit) with the pulp left in, taking out the fibre raises the Glycemic level of the smoothie causing higher sugar levels.

The next time you reach for a bowl of cereal with fruit and yoghurt on top have a think about some healthier options.  Reducing the amount of sugar you have first thing in the morning will have a significant impact on your metabolism, insulin sensitivity and invariably your weight!

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