How personal training can improve your golf and wellbeing

Better body, better golf!

Better body, better golf!

Read how Personal Training changed Michael’s golf game and overall wellbeing.

“It snuck up on me…..  I thought I was fit.  How wrong I was!!

I’ve exercised all my life and that little rest from the rigours of constant exercise I allowed myself had suddenly become a year.  My golf was awful, it was a bit of a struggle to get around 18 holes without feeling drained.  My knees and back were constantly sore and I found myself struggling with little things that had always been easy.

Next thing my doctor is asking awkward questions about my diet, how much I exercise and how much I drink!!  Apparently I was a little bigger than ideal and my blood pressure was getting up.

You know the story.  Thereafter ensued a period of a hundred broken vows to self about getting up and hitting the road, eating better and drinking less……    This has never happened to me before, I was always able to push past the inertia and laziness that’s in all of us. I needed help.

A personal trainer seemed the answer.  But who?  I looked online at every PT in the area and Nicki was the standout.  Her breadth of qualification and experience particularly in remedial and rehab were great.

Nicki was thorough in my health assessment, helped me to set goals and structured a variety of programs that keep me engaged and motivated.  She’s passionate about delivering great health and fitness outcomes and always strives to help with advice, research and encouragement.

So, after now 9 months of sessions twice a week under Nicki’s careful guidance and endless patience, I’m stronger, leaner, 5 kilos lighter, and my golf is vastly improved.  I can actually see muscle definition and my back and knees are much better too.

So, the personal trainer decision was and is the right one for me.  In the end, we have to do the work ourselves, whether it’s out of bed a 5am to get to that spin class or choosing not to put the sugary, processed rubbish we used to eat in the shopping basket.  The right PT will give you the best chance of changing habits, and for me Nicki it just that!!!

Michael Haynes

If you are wanting sport specific training or rehab training then please get in touch.  Either call Nicki on 0414 544944 or email

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