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Train one on one

This is best if you have injuries or need to get results in a short space of time. Nicki’s attention will be focused purely on you. Your technique and results will be at an optimum. Prices vary from $100 – $180

Semi-Private Personal Training – Train with friends or strangers

Semi-Private Personal training can be really fun. Personal train with friends, a partner or colleagues. With groups starting at just 2 people it’s easy to find a friend who wants to share the experience and cost. Train with up to 4 people. Prices vary from $67.50 – $290 depending on the amount of participants, bulk booking and the time of your session.

Personal Training packs and sessions

I offer one off sessions that allow you to come and go as you please.

We also offer 5 and 10 packs which gives you the opportunity to commit to regular training and get the time that you want each week. As well as updated programmes every 5 weeks. For one on one clients.

Home programmes are available on request. With trainer telephone support and internet access.

Pricing on consultation.

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Book Your Place Now

I cannot recommend Nicki’s services highly enough, because if you follow her advice about diet, training and even supplements, you will get results in no time at all. Kate Francis Read more ...
*Disclaimer: These are individuals experiences and results. There is no guarantee of specific results as results can vary from person to person.
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