Peri- and Post-menopause Fitness Program

Are you Peri or Post-menopausal?

Women of a certain age, peri- or post-menopausal, retirement aged… whatever term you identify with, let me know if this sounds familiar:

“I want to ditch the belly fat and bingo wings, have more energy and look toned but I just don’t have the time, motivation or a plan that’s realistic for me.”

If this sounds like you, I have good news!

It’s possible to:

  • feel younger again – even sexy and desirable
  • have time for yourself (finally!)
  • feel more confident
  • have more fun
  • start saying “yes” to do all the things you really want
  • stop feeling self-conscious and embarrassment about the way you look.

And at the same time, create motivation and mindset for getting active that will carry you right through your menopause and retirement years.

Wondering how?

Let me introduce you to my customised training program for peri- and post-menopausal women.

This program was created to help you:

  1. Get CONFIDENT: get back to how you want to feel, to achieve a great looking body that moves with ease, is stronger and able to do more tasks
  2. EMPOWERED: Giving you the knowledge to be able to do this yourself, the support to be able to follow through and to take back time for yourself… to just be yourself again. Be comfortable with how you are and feel great.
  3. FIND YOURSELF AGAIN: Once your body feels good, you will feel more confident in your body and mind. My program means you will not only work on the physical side of fitness but the mental side as well (think: holistic)


"Nicki is knowledgeable and hardworking and redefines how women understand and work with their bodies."

“I’ve always been relatively savvy with fitness and food, but with the challenges of peri-menopause and life; I needed help. Nicki is amazing.

She has redefined my relationship with food, helped me to understand the hormonal changes more intricately and worked me through my paces with an at-home workout program that kicks my ass and makes me feel strong again.

Nicki is knowledgeable and hardworking and redefines how women (especially in my age group) understand and work with their bodies. Highly recommend it and can’t wait to see what she has in store for the New Year.”

– Samantha Hutton

"Nicki has helped me set realistic goals ... all the while being careful to protect my physical wellbeing."

“During a period of high pressure work I suffered a minor stroke, due to a blood vessel going into spasm, probably caused by a combination of the stress and a medication being taken. This required two weeks of intensive rehabilitation to regain full mobility.

As a direct result of this experience I am now dedicated to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Nicki has helped me set realistic goals, and once achieved has helped me set new ones, all the while being careful to protect my physical wellbeing. Her regular Biosignature body fat assessment sessions have helped to determine my progress and it keeps me on the right track. Nicki has helped correct my posture and strengthen my core, I am now able to maintain this whilst lifting heavier weights or conducting other exercise. I’m feeling fitter than ever before.”

– Nadia Macpherson

"It was time to get serious."

“After three kids, not enough time, not enough sleep and my metabolism slowing more dramatically with every birthday, enough was enough.

After joining the gym two years ago, I was on a cardio-fuelled treadmill to nowhere. You know the feeling – week after week you knock yourself out in the cardio classes, and yet you just don’t see the results.

So I went to see Nicki.

I worked closely with Nicki for 8 weeks and achieved a 10 kilogram weight loss in that time. Her training sessions also ensured that I had a brand new muscle tone that I’d never, ever known.

A year ago, I thought my best days were behind me. Now I think my best days are yet to come!”

– Kate Crocker

"I look forward to my training sessions with Nicki and always come away from them feeling confident, positive and with newfound enthusiasm."

I have known Nicki Jennison since the beginning of 2008 when she became my Personal Trainer at cityfitness, Nelson.

From the very outset of this time, my life has changed. The reason being, Nicki’s tremendous support and her faith in my ability to make these changes.

I joined the gym with enormous trepidation and Nicki is the reason why I have persevered and have become a keen and confident member.
The support…

Nicki, through her exemplary interpersonal skills, her enthusiasm, her intense desire to support me and her warmth and friendship, has contributed to my change and attitude and to my desire for a life long commitment to fitness, health and happiness.

At times when I have struggled with my programme and low self-esteem, Nicki has ‘gone that extra mile’ to get me back on track. Her attitude and her faith in me has been unwavering and I have always managed to not only continue, but to challenge and extend my goals both physically and mentally.

Nicki has empowered me to take responsibility for my own wellbeing and I have only been able to do this because of her tremendous support, her strong belief in me and her very genuine desire for me to make life long, positive changes in my life.

I look forward to my training sessions with Nicki and always come away from them feeling confident, positive and with newfound enthusiasm and drive to push myself towards the goals I have set for myself.

Through Nicki I have discovered how it feels to be both physically and mentally fit, to have faith in my own ability and to face challenges with confidence I never knew I had.

Nicki is an exceptional young woman who is skilled at her work. I consider her responsible for the changes I have made to my life. Not only is she my personal trainer and life coach, but is also a friend for whom I have enormous respect and admiration.

– Penny Cuthbert, Pre-School Head Teacher

"I wanted direction and a clear plan with regular feedback to keep me on track. That’s when I found Nicki."

Laura is a single mum with a full time job, and she still found the time to lose 7.5 kg and 6% body fat in just 7 weeks.

I am a mother of two who works full time as a Team Leader within the financial services industry. My job can be highly stressful and my working hours change regularly. I am very busy between work and kids. For most of my children’s life I have been a single mother until I met my partner one and a half years ago.

Prior to children I was a fitness instructor. I would teach up to 30 classes a week and train on top of this for triathlons. Fitness was my life.

Then came the marriage, children, depression, and divorce followed closely by steady weight gain. Becoming a single mother of two at the age of 24 meant that my healthy lifestyle slowly went to the way side.

Once I got an office job my weight sky rocketed and before I knew it I had gained a total of 22 kgs. I was not training regularly and quick and convenient food became the norm. I was not seeing improvement in my personal stress or depression even though I was treating these with medication. I was getting sick on a regular basis. I went on a holiday and when I saw the photos of myself I was shocked. I hadn’t realised just how big I was. I realised this was impacting on my health and the health of my children.

I tried to do it on my own. I joined a gym and started to attend classes on the odd occasion. I was unable to make the changes needed to have an impact on my weight and health. I was unaccountable for my diet or exercises regime. I knew I needed to find a skilled trainer who would not just take my money but make me accountable for the choices I was making every day. I wanted direction and a clear plan with regular feedback to keep me on track. That’s when I found Nicki.

– Laura Fitton

“I honestly feel like a different person and I am very grateful to Nicki for all her advice and motivation.”

After months of convincing myself I had only put on a little weight I decided it was time for a change. My eating habits had gone from being quite good to eating way too many takeaways and opting for the easy option.

It was at this time I saw a notice for a Fitcamp and thought this is exactly what I needed. I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up but learnt quite quickly it was not just about the workouts. Nicki starts off the program by doing Biosignature; which analyses all aspects of your lifestyle from diet, exercise, sleeping habits and much more.

The Results
During this process Nicki and I realised I had problems with my digestive system and advised I take a course of Digest tablets. These, combined with food changes (provided by Nicki), and the workouts; the weight started to fall off quite quickly.

My energy levels increased and I really noticed the different in my strength and fitness within a few weeks. I continued to lose weight and tone up throughout the 10 weeks. I completely surprised myself at how much I achieved within this time. The thing I like most about Fitcamp each session is different and you always get a brilliant workout.

“I honestly feel like a different person and I am very grateful to Nicki for all her advice and motivation.”

My Motto is “no pain no gain” so stay positive and always put in 100%.

Can’t wait to see what the next 12 weeks of Fitcamp will bring!!

– Edel Purcell

What’s it all about?

The program is holistic which means you don’t just get a few exercises to do a few times a week. Together, we will look at nutrition, sleep, stress, and hormones AS WELL AS consideration of any past illnesses or injuries that have impacted your mobility.

If you are struggling to get the weight off (and noticing gradual continual extra weight gain on the side), let me help you experience CHANGE – feel younger with less aches and pain, less fat storage and give you the KNOWLEDGE to train correctly and maintain the lifestyle changes to improve health, energy and motivation.

If you feel like you just need a push in the right direction then there is also the option to train with like minded ladies in my Semi Private Personal Training Sessions.  If you would rather train with a small group (4 max) then book here.


Not sure where to start and want some custom advice on what’s going to be best for you?