Personal Training

“75% of people who exercise are not achieving the results they want; BUT of the 25% who are getting the results they want, 90% of them are working with a Personal Trainer!” ~ The International Health and Fitness Association.

My focus is to get you results!

If you’re based in Adelaide and you’ve been on and off the exercise bandwagon for years, struggling with waning motivation, injuries that come and go, and weight management – isn’t it time you started seeing some real results?

How I help you

When you come and join me at my Fitness Faster studio for personal training sessions, you will get the results you want. Think of me as a knowledgeable coach, cheerleader and mentor – there to support you to change your life for the better in the long term.

We will begin with an initial 1 hour assessment where I will learn more about YOU! We’ll chat about everything from where you’re at (truly) and what injuries or limitations you’ve had, to what you do for a living, your sleep and food patterns and where you’d like to get with your training program.

We will also do an analysis which may include some or all of the following:

  • Movement and muscle function/flexibility testing
  • Strength testing and postural analysis
  • Blood pressure check
  • Measurements and body fat percentage
  • VO2 Max testing.

I’ll then design a personalised training program that fits around YOUR LIFE (whether that’s 10 minutes each morning or an hour a few times a week), to set you up for success from the start. And, because exercise alone won’t give you the best results, I’ll also give you a nutritionist endorsed 4 week healthy eating plan.

If you are under the care of general or specialist health practitioners, I will work alongside them where needed.

What to expect

Once your personalised program has been written up, it will be delivered to you in person and through My Personal Training app which can be downloaded FREE from any app store! I’ll be able to track your progress through the app (providing you with that much needed accountability) as well as make sure the workouts are appropriate, varied and challenging to help you achieve your goals.

You’ll also have access to my Fitness Faster private Facebook group where you will see hundreds of videos for complementary activities such as yoga, meditations, workouts and coaching videos on stress, sleep, weight loss, muscle recovery, stretching, hormones and more.

We’ll do periodic Fitness testing to gauge how you’re going (don’t worry, it’s not going to be crazy CrossFit stuff unless that’s the level you train at!). You can receive fortnightly measurement analysis to track your weight loss or muscle gain, body fat % and measurements. This keeps you motivated and makes it easier for you to stay focused on your end result.

How to get started?

Simple! Just click the link below to schedule a 15 minute obligation free call with me.

Personal Training sessions are delivered either:

Not sure where to start and want some custom advice on what’s going to be best for you?