Private fitness studio is coming along nicely

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Framework, all hand cut by yours truly!  Shattered

Framework, all hand cut by yours truly! Shattered

Private Fitness Studio is slowly coming together

This may not seem like the most glamorous picture in the world, however I have been working like a trojan hand sawing all the wood that you can see in this framework.  Then my husband (who has also been working like a trojan) has been securing it all into place.  We are getting closer to opening up a private fitness, yoga and pilates studio.  It is photos like these that make us feel like we have truly achieved something at the end of a long weekend slaving away with a blunt saw!

This is what it looked like before!  Bit of a difference

This is what it looked like before! Bit of a difference

So as you can see from above I have been chopping an awful lot of wood to fill these blank walls and I finally had a hissy fit this weekend when I thought I had lost all my strength and I couldn’t seem to get through this one piece of wood.  Kev then tells me that our saw is blunt and that I have been sawing away for the last 2 weekends with a blunt blade! Thanks for letting me know that now!  So what do I do…. go and buy an electric rotary blade cutty thing!  Clearly I am really up with the DIY lingo.  I can’t believe I have been sawing away and chopping 100’s of bits of wood with a blunt saw!  So many calories burnt, blisters accumulated and swear words uttered!

We are now at the stage where insulation will be installed, walls will go up, doors will be fitted up and then flooring will be laid.

I can see an opening party happening in about a months time.  So exciting 🙂

I would love to find out what people would like to see happen here?  

What time would small yoga, boxing, pilates, small group personal classes suit you?  

What would you like to do?

Aqua colour scheme

Aqua colour scheme

The most fun part of this has been the painting and interior ideas.  My fave colour has been placed on the steel work and I am thinking a calming beach style/geometric theme.  Any interior designers out there that have any idea for lighting pendants and a theme throughout? If so please leave your comments I would love to know what you think.

Look forward to seeing you all at the opening party – details will be posted soon.

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