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Ab exercise, Swiss Ball Roll Out

Great Ab Exercise – The Swiss Ball Roll Out This exercise is so good for the abs and stabilising the shoulder girdle and torso. To start the exercise place your forearms and elbows on the ball, make sure that your back is not sagging and sinking down and that you have your belly button pulled…

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April 7, 2017
Jacknife finish position

Exercise challenge – Jacknife

Exercise Challenge – Jacknife The Jacknife is a great exercise for strengthening your abs alongside your legs, arms and back.  This pilates based exercise is a great way to challenge your strength and stability. How to do the jacknife and different options I always start by rolling forwards over the swiss ball, the further down your…

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November 9, 2015
Swiss Ball Bridge

Exercise Challenge- Swiss Ball Bridge

Swiss Ball Bridge This is a great exercise for working your butt/glutes.  Start with feet flat on the ball and lift hips up towards the ceiling so that you have created a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.  Squeeze your bum as tight as you can and hold at the top for a…

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April 27, 2015