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Training through Pregnancy – Edel Purcell

“My name is Edel I’m currently 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I was very active before falling pregnant but had made the decision when I planned to have a baby that I was going to keep as active as possible during my pregnancy.

Once I became pregnant this is when I decided to contact Nicki for advice and support. I have known Nicki for many years now, she has helped me in the past when I’ve struggled with my weight and eating habits. I owe a lot to Nicki when it comes to my health/fitness! Nicki taught me a lot over the years and changed my outlook on health/fitness in a very positive way.

Nicki and I started by discussing what I wanted to achieve throughout the pregnancy. Then with her experience and knowledge she designed a program for me especially catered for pregnancy. Nicki would then adapt the program as my pregnancy progressed through the trimesters. She was a great support the whole way through. She would always demonstrate the exercises when we changed the program and always made sure I was comfortable with everything.

Training through pregnancy

I personally would definitely recommend working out during pregnancy, I think it helped me with some of the common pregnancy symptoms eg. nausea, fatigue, mood swings, leg cramps and back pain to name a few. My program was mainly strength training to keep my major muscle groups strong mixed with some light cardio. I aimed to workout out at least 5 days a week but normally went for a walk the days I didn’t go to the gym. I did strength training right up to week 39 and then swapped to just walking/swimming, which I’m still enjoying now past my due date.

Pregnant ladies out there I highly recommend contacting Nicki for a program today you won,t be sorry. You will feel much more energised and less moody, your partner will thank you too I’m sure :.)

Currently waiting impatiently for my little one to make an appearance”…. Edel 😊👶

Thanks Edel for sharing your story with everyone.  Quite a few people feel scared of exercising during pregnancy.  It’s great that you felt empowered to workout in the gym with the knowledge that you were doing the Right Exercises.  Good luck this week 🙂

If you are Pregnant and want to make sure you are SAFELY exercising then please get in touch.  

I am Pregnancy Trained and will make sure you are doing the right exercises through every stage of your pregnancy.  You will also find your recovery is quicker and easier.

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Click here to learn more about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

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