You Don’t Have to Starve Yourself for Weight Loss

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You Don’t Have to Starve Yourself for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.” 

You may have heard this saying and often I’ve noticed that people end up starving themselves, just to lose a few extra kgs. But this often results in yoyo dieting and instead of losing weight for good and feeling great you can end up; falling sick due to your body not getting the right nutritients and you end up being heavier than you were in the first place after your diet.

So, do strict diet plans for weight loss work?

Yes and No.  Yes in the short term and No for the long term.  Let me explain.

Any diet that you go on will reduce your calories and therefore short term you will lose some weight. However most of these diets are not easy to stick with for the long term, they tend to be too restrictive.  So we then end up going back to eating how we used to.  The only problem now, is your body has got used to eating less calories, so your metabolism (your calorie burning furness) has slowed down to adjust to less food.  When you go back to eating how you used to (the same calories as before) it’s going to cause you to put more weight on as you are no longer burning the calories off as quickly.

Therefore long term, dieting is not effective.

So how do you achieve long lasting weight loss?

You definitely don’t need to starve yourself to achieve weight loss, as you can see from above this has the opposite long term impact. 

What’s more important than dieting is working on a long term plan that you can stick to. A plan that allows you to have some chocolate, wine or cheese if you really want it.  That’s the real key, a plan that doesn’t feel restrictive and easy to maintain. That’s how you actually lose weight. A plan that is sustainable longterm.

How to Create Long Lasting Weight Loss? 

A few simple steps will help you on your way. The word dieting, instantly brings up feelings of restriction, misery and missing out.  I want you to think of changing what you eat to a healthier plan slowly.

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss

Change one habit at a time

Eating healthy food is not dieting it’s just moving on to healthier eating habits. Start one meal at a time.  Look at the first meal or snack where you think you could improve and instead of taking things out I want you to replace them so you don’t feel deprived.  If you normally had a chocolate muesli bar for a snack, replace it with a home made or sugar free muesli bar that still tastes yummy.  Or a really juicy yummy mango.  When that becomes a habit, then start looking at the next meal or item that can make a difference, maybe its drinking gin or vodka with soda instead of tonic etc.

If you can make healthy changes to about 80% of your week then you are winning.  Allow yourself treats for the other 20% and make it worth while.  Make it something delicious that you love so you don’t feel guilty about eating it.

Eating healthier foods gives you more energy and makes you feel fuller

When you eat healthier foods mindfully, you are more likely to lose weight and maintain it.  Click here to know how you can practice healthy and mindful eating. 

Once you eat nutrient rich foods you will find your body feeling fuller and satiated quicker.

For example I am sure you could not eat a whole roast chicken to yourself, however a whole pizza seems to be easy to do.  Naturally your body fills up quicker for nutrient dense foods.  And please don’t cut out good fats, this also makes you feel fuller quicker and helps with fat loss.

Focus on your mindset

Another thing you need to know is that it’s going to take time. So, be patient. I am guessing you didn’t put weight on over night, so you won’t lose it overnight either.  Slow and steady wins the long term race. Don’t give up, if you are eating the right foods eventually your body will start to make the changes.  All too often I see people giving up just as a change was likely to occur.  Be kind to yourself and focus on positive self talk.  Talk to yourself like your best friend would, not your enemies!  We can be our worst critic, so ask what someone who loves you would say to you. 

Weight Loss can be challenging, but patiently following good, nutritious diets that include vegetables, lean proteins, good fats and small amounts of fruit will help with your general energy levels and feeling of vitality and eventually result in weight loss.  

If you are not sure where to start and more information on how you can actually lose weight, feel free to contact me at I will be happy to help. 

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