Your sore knees could be due to tight IT Bands?

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It could be as simple as having tight IT bands.

IT bands are responsible for lateral stabilisation of the hip and knee. Your IT band also connects to   Tensor fascia lata and Gluteus maximus muscles (your butt) which are also responsible for stabilisation. Tightness of these muscles can have a knock on affect on your IT band.  Increased tightness of your IT band can cause lateral pain and compression around your knee.

Try this simple myofascial release, using a foam roller, to help relax tight IT bands.  All too often I see clients that complain of sore knees from running or cycling, and after assessing their posture, flexibility and movement it can sometimes become evident that tight IT bands are playing a part in this knee pain.

IT band Foam Roller

IT band Foam Roller

Start by lying on the side of your leg just underneath the bony part of your hip on the foam roller and slowly roll your body away from the roller so that the roller travels down the side of your leg towards your knee.

When you feel any tightness (or pain) hold your position on the roller on this spot.  Eventually you should feel the pain ease away.  Once the pain has subsided gradually move further down and again stop and hold your position on each individual tight spot until you get to just above your knee.

IT band Foam Roller

IT band Foam Roller finish just above the knee

Repeat this on the other leg.  To start off with you might find that it takes a good 10 minutes or more to roll out your tight areas, however with time and repeated use you should find that this time decreases as you start to release the tightness.  If you do find the pressure too much on these sore spots, you can use your front leg to push your body weight up away from the roller until it is bearable pressure.

To find out how foam rolling visit this link.

Don’t wait until your knees start to hurt to do this release technique.  If you are a runner or cyclist I would highly recommend Foam rolling before and after a workout.

If you do have pain then please go and seek advice from a medical practitioner as it could be more serious than just a tight IT band.

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