4 Tips to Be More Regular With Your Workouts

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4 Tips to Be More Regular With Your Workouts 

Everyone wants to work out so that they can make sure that they’re leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. But let’s face it, with all the hustle and bustle in life, it’s easy to lose your workout motivation and you struggle to get a regular workout routines. You may enjoy it for a day or two, or probably a week, and after that, there comes the day when you feel like skipping the workout for that one time, and before you know it, it’s been weeks since you did a workout. 

So, what can you do to overcome your urges to skip your workouts? How can you be more regular? Well, let me share the habits and practices I’ve been following for years that have kept me on track.

How to Be More Regular With Your Workouts? 

Find A Purpose 

Life always becomes easier when you know your purpose. This is true for being regular with your workouts as well. It’s necessary that you know the purpose of your exercise routines and schedules. Are you exercising to lose weight or recover from an injury or to keep and enhance your fitness level or just for having some fun and entertainment? 

It can be any or even all of that! But remember, you need to set something as a goal and purpose so that if you ever feel like giving up, you can go back and remind yourself why you’re doing it. When you remember the reasons, you will feel the energy and enthusiasm flow from within your body and soul. 

Treat it As a Healthy and Entertaining Activity 

Most people think of exercises and working out as something they ought to do. They take it as a punishment for eating too much or for getting lost in unhealthy habits and practices. Well, you need to understand that working out is not a punishment. 

When you work out, the dopamine and serotonin levels in your body increase thereby boosting your energy levels. You can feel happier and more enthusiastic. For an extra dopamine hit why don’t you set some milestones and treat yourself every time you achieve them.  It could be as simple as doing the set amount of workouts you programmed for the week or month.  (Try to avoid treating yourself with food, think of another way of rewarding yourself). 

The key is taking it as a fun and entertaining activity that’s doing you a lot of good by promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

Set a Time Aside for Workouts

When you’re running busy and hectic schedules, taking the time for workouts can be difficult. You may be too tired, you might feel lazy, or you may just have plans with your friends or family. 

However, these are just excuses, and they don’t bring any good in the long run. A far better and useful approach is to schedule things for yourself. Therefore, create a timetable and make sure that you set a time for working out. Also, be a little rigid about the schedule so that you can successfully follow it, because, if you’re not following the timetable, it’s simply the same as not having one. 

So, make sure that you never compromise on your workouts because that’s really one way of being regular.  However having said this, I also schedule in backup workouts.  I know that if something really does get in my way on a particular day and I really can’t change it then I have another potential time slot later in the week that I can make this up.  Have a plan A and when that doesn’t work, have a plan B.

Find a Workout Buddy

Personal Training with a friend

It’s easier to do things when you’ve got someone holding your accountable and supporting you all the time. Why not use your workouts as a great way to catch up with a friend and support each other? 

With a good workout buddy, you can stay very happy and motivated. They can push you to go that little extra mile to achieve your fitness goals. And the biggest motivator is actually turning up for the workout.  You are less likely to cancel if you know you have agreed to meet someone at the gym.

Having someone else working out with you works great for keeping your workout motivation high. For more tips on remaining inspired, motivated, and enthusiastic for your workout, click here. 

I Cycle with a friend, go Surfing with a a group of girls, meet a girlfriend for Yoga, and attend classes when I can’t be bothered to think for myself.  It’s far harder to cancel any of these sessions than the ones I do by myself.

So, How Regular Are You Going to Be from Now? 

These are some of the tips from me, and I can guarantee that they’re going to get fantastic results if you follow them. Once you start to see a positive change you’ll find yourself more consistent and it’s easier to be more regular with your workouts! 

So, try these and let me know how they work for you?

If you really are lacking in motivation then there is nothing quite like having a Personal Training session to keep you accountable and motivated, feel free to get in touch with me at

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