40+ Men’s Fitness Program

Over 40 and finding it tough to ditch the belly fat?

Let me know if this sounds familiar.

One day, you’re young, you have a flat stomach, a clear view of your toes and all the energy you need to get through the day. The next, you seem to have a bit of a soft gut that seems to have appeared out of nowhere and you barely have the energy to get through the work day, let alone summon the energy for working out.

Imagine for a moment…

What it would feel like to ENJOY working out. Imagine what it would feel like to be happy and energetic, strong and lean, and able to cope easily with the stress life throws at you?

40+ mens fitness program

Can you relate to this…

You’ve spent the last 10-20 years building a career to support your family and work is getting more demanding.

But lately, you have got to a point where you feel guilty for letting yourself go. When you were in your 20’s, you thought you’d never be that guy, and yet you just can’t seem to do anything about it.

You’ve tried getting a treadmill but it sits in the garage gathering dust, along with the exercise bike. You’ve tried videos on Youtube but you never stuck to anything.

If you’ve tried and given up a few times to achieve your goals – I have good news!

My customised training program is designed specifically to help time-poor business men lose weight, improve body confidence and increase overall health.


Better body, better golf!

“It snuck up on me…..  I thought I was fit.  How wrong I was!!

I’ve exercised all my life and that little rest from the rigours of constant exercise I allowed myself had suddenly become a year.  My golf was awful, it was a bit of a struggle to get around 18 holes without feeling drained.  My knees and back were constantly sore and I found myself struggling with little things that had always been easy.

Next thing my doctor is asking awkward questions about my diet, how much I exercise and how much I drink!!  Apparently I was a little bigger than ideal and my blood pressure was getting up.

You know the story.  Thereafter ensued a period of a hundred broken vows to self about getting up and hitting the road, eating better and drinking less……    This has never happened to me before, I was always able to push past the inertia and laziness that’s in all of us. I needed help.

A personal trainer seemed the answer.  But who?

I looked online at every PT in the area and Nicki was the standout.  Her breadth of qualification and experience particularly in remedial and rehab were great.

Nicki was thorough in my health assessment, helped me to set goals and structured a variety of programs that keep me engaged and motivated.  She’s passionate about delivering great health and fitness outcomes and always strives to help with advice, research and encouragement.

The results…

So, after now 9 months of sessions twice a week under Nicki’s careful guidance and endless patience, I’m stronger, leaner, 5 kilos lighter, and my golf is vastly improved.  I can actually see muscle definition and my back and knees are much better too.

So, the personal trainer decision was and is the right one for me.  In the end, we have to do the work ourselves, whether it’s out of bed at 5am to get to a class or choosing not to put the sugary, processed rubbish we used to eat in the shopping basket.  The right PT will give you the best chance of changing habits, and for me Nicki it just that!!!

– Michael Haynes

“Nicki will spend time to understand your goals and what is important to you and will design training to match."

“I trust Nicki to help me on my journey to being a healthier me. I find Nicki very engaging, thoughtful and helpful. She takes time to explain the ‘why’ we are doing certain exercises and helps focus on technique, to ensure the best outcome and to stay safe. Nicki’s remote training sessions are as tough and engaging as in the gym.”

– Ted Treloar

"I can easily say training with Nicki has made me much healthier and happier and given me back some free time.”

Around four years ago I realised how unfit and fat I had become when the doctor told me I had high blood pressure and was overweight. I guess it was obvious to others but I had continued to fool myself and with the pressures of life I just didn’t notice. I weighed over 100kg.

My wife and I decided to do Nicki’s 10 week challenge, which showed me I can work out less. Two to three short sessions a week of high intensity training, and a careful management of diet was far more effective that the hours of work I was doing on my own previously.

– Stuart Thorpe

Dan lost 5.9 kg and 5.2% body fat

Dan went from 15.8% to a lean, mean 10.6%.

– Dan

"I found the Biosignature testing to be a real eye opener.”

I found the Biosignature testing to be a real eye opener. It is a whole different way of thinking about the way I live my life. I pay more attention to what I eat and drink, my rest and hydration and I take more notice of what my body is telling me.

I’ve learnt to pay more attention to the foods I eat, when I eat them and what’s good and not so good. It changed my perception of “healthy eating” and a new approach based on the Biosignature has helped me to significantly reduce my weight, stress on my body, energy levels, endurance and wellbeing.

I had done a lot of exercise in the past to keep a reasonable level of fitness, but all this work was wasted by a poor diet, inadequate hydration and lack of rest.

Biosignature has allowed me to turn this around, to lose 5kg (so far) and to reduce the amount of exercise I have to do to stay fit and healthy. I’d recommend Biosignature to everyone, if for nothing else, to help you to understand what your body is telling you about your lifestyle.

– Peter Ilee

"Nicki is not just a personal trainer, she is a life coach helping you to focus mentally on what you need to achieve”

After many years of training in the martial art sport of Taekwondo I approached Nicki requesting her help to devise a programme that would help me maximize my potential. The programme had to be sports specific for Taekwondo but also cater for my job which is in the police force. I needed to stay supple for Taekwondo but also needed strength training for my job. She designed training sessions that would make me strive to reach my full potential. The variety of exercises kept me on my toes and made the sessions interesting and rewarding.

Nicki is not just a personal trainer, she is a life coach helping you to focus mentally on what you need to achieve. She not only helped me by attaining better overall physical fitness but also helped me with my attitude and dedication to become a better person.

I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

– Hamish Wybrow, Oceania Taekwondo Champion Testimonial
(11 x New Zealand Taekwondo Champion)


Great question! And the answer is simple: by looking at the bigger whole picture.

My program doesn’t just give you the best exercises to lose belly fat. Together, we will look at food (don’t worry, it’s not a “diet!”), sleep, stress, movement and lifestyle factors – honing in on the small changes and choices that will have a big impact.

Best of all? Because your program is customised for YOU, we work with the time you have available and include the activities you’re passionate about. If that’s 10 minutes twice a day – cool! If it’s 45 minutes 3 times a week – great! No more signing up to schedules that just don’t suit you.

Don’t look back and wish you started sooner. Check out my personalised program options and get started TODAY. 


Not sure where to start and want some custom advice on what’s going to be best for you?