Exercise challenge – The one leg plank

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One leg Plank, ab exercise

One leg Plank

Exercise Challenge – The one leg Plank

How did you get on last week with the normal plank?

The plank is a great exercise for your abs and your whole body: legs, shoulder stabilisers, back and arms.  The one leg plank works on your back stabilisers and rotators.  By lifting one leg your obliques and spinal rotators switch on to stop your torso from dropping on that side.  Making it a harder exercise than the normal plank.

My challenge for you, is to start with a one leg plank today and time how long you can stay up for on each side.  Then tomorrow try and beat your time, and then next day try and beat that time and see what you can hold by the end of the week.

DON’T let your back sink in the middle or stick your bum up in the air. Always opt for an easier option if you start to lose your form, as a sinking back can cause back injury.

Next week I will be advancing the plank again and giving you an even harder option!

Good luck and let me know how many seconds/,minutes/hours you manage to hold it for.

If you want some inspiration then watch the world champion who managed to hold a plank for 5 hours and 15 minutes. He is 57 years old, so it just goes to show that age has no barrier!

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