3 Tips to Stay Inspired for Your Diet 

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3 Tips to Stay Inspired on a Diet 

Diet… The word itself may sound cringeworthy. When you hear diet, you picture yourself giving up on your favourite meals and eating some boring, uninteresting salads. You paint yourselves a horrid picture, but you somehow know that you’ve got to do it for your body. But since you don’t seem to like this (of course, none of us would like to do the things we feel horrid), you end giving up on your diet. Relatable? 

Well, the problem is in the initial picture you created in your head. Why do we have to think of diet as something unpleasurable? It’s basically in the idea we’ve got about diet. But the fact is a diet shouldn’t be about depriving ourselves. It’s more about the way we look at food. It’s about moving to healthier eating habits and leaving behind the habits that have been affecting your body in a negative way. 

Dieting is more like a lifestyle rather than a practise or habit you take for a few months and just leave it after that. And when you’re trying to follow a lifestyle, it’s necessary that you keep fueling yourself with the right inspiration to keep going. 

So, here I am going to share with you all five great tips to keep yourself inspired throughout a diet or as I would like to rephrase it:  A lifestyle change. 

How to Stay Motivated When Changing How You Eat?

Begin With Creating a Beautiful Picture of your food in Your Mind 

When you want to follow something, it’s important that you like it. So, start with creating a beautiful picture of your new diet in your mind. Remember that diet is not salads and juices. Instead, diets can be very appealing, interesting, and delicious. No one’s asking you to eat the foods that you absolutely hate just for the reason that they’re good for you. 

You can start with the foods that you like, that you know are healthy and eventually move to healthier options the more you get used to it. You can add twists to your salads and smoothies, use healthier alternatives for your favourite meals to really enjoy your diet. 

Make It Harder for Yourself to Reach Unhealthy Foods 

Why is it that we quickly grab a pack of chips or candy but do not want to make ourselves a salad or get some fruit? Well, simply because that requires effort. Our inclination towards unhealthy foods can be because they are easily available. 

In fact, most of the time, we grab unhealthy snacks just because we’re bored. If you want to know more about boredom eating, click here

But what if you could make it harder for yourself to reach unhealthy foods? Don’t keep junk food in your house at all. If it’s in the house for someone else, but you find yourself eating it then keep it in a hard to reach place where you would actually have to take some effort to get it. 

This way, it’s easier to eat less of the unhealthy foods and have more healthy ones readily available. 

You Don’t Need to Go to Extremes 

It’s possible that you may try to do things that are way beyond normal, just to cut out that extra bit of  weight that’s clinging to your body. You may try having foods that you hate or may not even eat at all. 

However, know that you don’t need to go to such extremes. Weight Loss is a natural process, and it will take time. Going to extremes will only make you deprived and probably hungry and you will end up giving up sooner. It’s also not a healthy practice to follow either. 

While you may think that you’re just putting your body on a detox, you may be starving yourself, and it can make you weaker and slow your metabolism down. You don’t want that. So, avoid any extremes at all costs and keep yourself on a healthy (diet plan) maintainable eating plan that you can enjoy. 

Are You Ready to Change your Habits Forever? 

Being on a diet can be difficult, so start by staying focused on all the healthy but really yummy foods you can eat to help you stay motivated.  Juicy mango, raspberries, interesting salads with heaps of flavour, zucchini bolognese, yummy curries to name a few.  Don’t think about what you can’t have, start thinking about what you can have.  You’ll realise that it’s the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. 

Just take it as a beautiful lifestyle and enjoy eating healthy and staying fit. 

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