6 Tips to Avoid Boredom Eating

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boredom eating

6 Tips to Avoid Boredom Eating

Do you find yourself looking around the kitchen shelves or in the fridge, nibbling on some crackers or other munchies every time you’re bored? Boredom eating is something we can all face at some point in our life.  It can also be one of the hardest forms of eating habits to overcome and get rid of.

Boredom eating can come between your fitness goals and stop you from achieving the well toned and shaped body you’ve been dreaming of. It can become really hard to track how much junk food or just excessive food you are consuming when you are bored.  Without keeping track or recording what you are eating can lead to quick weight gain and some more serious health issues.

So, you really need to outsmart this hunger gene and I’ve got my top six tips to avoid boredom eating.

Keep a Food Diary

One of the major reasons for boredom eating is that you are unaware of your eating habits. Often it is easier for you to remember what you had in your meals, but your mind will hardly register that pack of chips or block of chocolate you ate while you were just rummaging around your house with nothing much to do. Keeping a food diary will help you remain more aware of what you are eating and when. It will help plan your meals better and let you stay more in control of what, when, and why are you feeding yourself.

Choose Non-Edible Form of Nutrition

This simply means that you need to distract yourself. Nutrition doesn’t always need to be that form of distraction. You can provide nutrition to your body with other activities as well. When you can’t find much to do, maybe it’s time that you pick up a new hobby. Pick up a book thats been lying in your book shelf for months and start reading, play your guitar, go out for a walk or run, workout. These things will be more fulfilling for you, productive as well, and will take your mind off food thus overcoming boredom eating.  I keep a list on my fridge of activities that I can do when I have spare time.  I had to write a whole new list during Covid lockdown, but it got my brain thinking outside the box!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

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Dehydration can make you feel extremely hungry and thirsty which in turn leads to you eating more even when you don’t actually need to. So, you want to avoid being dehydrated. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water helps to keep your appetite under control. It gives some hand to mouth action and helps satisfy the need to snack on food. A good tip to avoid boredom eating is too drink a glass of water whenever you feel like snacking on some crackers or other junk food.  It could just be that you need water, not food!

Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is very important for maintaining your oral health and hygiene. But it can also help outsmart the hunger gene. When you brush your teeth, you give your mouth a much-needed refreshment. Also, the minty taste that is left in your mouth after brushing is helpful in suppressing the cravings for snacks and prevents boredom eating. If you are worried about over brushing your teeth then just rub toothpaste into your mouth. I prefer this over mints or chewing gum which have artificial sweeteners or sugars in them.

Eat Low GI Foods

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Eating foods with a low glycemic index goes a long way in helping you follow a healthy diet. Low GI foods that are rich in protein will help you feel fuller for longer as they are digested slowly with less of a sugar spike. So, you will not feel the need to eat as often.

For a healthy Low GI recipe, Zucchini bolognese, click on this link.

Mindful eating

Boredom eating is hard to overcome, but not impossible. Mindful eating is the key. Ask yourself “Why am I eating?” Is it because I really need it or because I am just bored, tired, and procrastinating? Wait it out, follow these tips, and see how you can get in better control of your eating habits!

If you want help with improving your daily habits or developing a plan then please get in touch for a health consult.

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