7 Benefits of Injury Rehabilitation Programs for the over 50’s

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After suffering an injury, taking painkillers prescribed by a doctor only treats the symptoms and not the root cause. Rehabilitation, or physical therapy, resolves the root cause of your pain. Here are 7 ways in which injury rehabilitation can be helpful for seniors.

Benefits of Injury Rehabilitation Programs

1. Significantly decreased pain and discomfort

Feeling physical pain after an injury obstructs you from performing daily chores and doing anything that you love. Physical therapy or injury rehabilitation can help drastically in decreasing the level of pain and discomfort. Moreover, injury rehabilitation programs help in reducing the intensity and frequency of muscle spasms, decreasing inflammation, and quicker healing of soft tissue injuries.

2. Increased range of motion

Injury and chronic pain tend to restrict our range of motion, which ultimately restricts us from living our lives freely. Physical therapy helps significantly in expanding your range of motion which also aids in decreasing discomfort and pain in the affected areas.

3. Muscle strengthening & flexibility

Our rehabilitation program for the elderly does not just work on healing, it also works on muscle strength. Though muscle strengthening may seem challenging in the initial days, if done consistently, it speeds up the recovery process. Additionally, physical therapy includes certain exercises that work on your flexibility so that you can move your body more freely.

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4. Reinstates function and mobility

If your bodily function or mobility has been affected due to an injury or accident, rehabilitation can help dramatically in increasing strength and coordination. As it also works on your flexibility, endurance, and balance, it decreases the risk of falling down.

5. Tissue repair and regeneration

In many cases, the reason behind pain is the damaged tissue. Though tissues have the power of repairing themselves with time, injury rehabilitation accelerates the process of healing by promoting tissue regeneration.

Scar tissues become tight which causes discomfort or pain with movement. Certain rehabilitation exercises work on reducing the scar tissues by stretching them out.

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6. Independence and boost in confidence

Recovery can be an isolating phase which can also result in deteriorated emotional health. When you heal under the guidance of a professional, you heal physically and emotionally. You heal gradually but sustainably in a well-controlled environment that helps you get back to your pre-injury state.

After undergoing our rehabilitation program, you will feel much more confident and self-assured about yourself and the entire healing process.

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7. Improved Quality of Life

Injury rehabilitation does not just aim towards bringing back your mobility, the programs also focus on improving your well-being as well as the quality of life. These programs ensure a seamless, smooth recovery phase so that you can move on to living your life to the fullest.

If you, or someone you know, have suffered from an injury or are dealing with chronic pain, our rehabilitation program can help you in healing.  For more info on our programs, click the link below.

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