Client Profile – Nadia’s exercise and life journey after a minor stroke.

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Nadia is dedicated to fitness after suffering a minor stroke

Nadia is dedicated to fitness after suffering a minor stroke

Client Profile – Nadia Macpherson’s exercise and life journey after a minor stroke.

It is always a pleasure as a trainer to be able to train clients that have drive and determination; Nadia Macpherson is definitely one of these clients.  She has ambition within her career and the determination after a small stroke to rehabilitate herself and exceed her past fitness levels.

Here is Nadia’s story:

“I was born in Scotland and raised in Wollongong, NSW, I qualified as a registered nurse, working as a theatre nurse in South Australia. I returned to university and qualified as a surgical assistant, working with a reputable surgeon specialising in plastics and reconstructive surgery.  This has led to my current speciality as a cosmetic injecting nurse, working in this field for the past thirteen years in APC surgery in Glenelg SA and About Face in Bondi, Sydney, with two outstanding surgeons.

My career has been a busy and varied one, often with high levels of pressure experienced in the operating theatre during long and complex procedures.

It was during a period of high pressure work I suffered a minor stroke, due to a blood vessel going into spasm, probably caused by a combination of the stress and a medication being taken. This required two weeks of intensive rehabilitation to regain full mobility. 

As a direct result of this experience I am now dedicated to a fit and healthy lifestyle, my personal trainer for the last eighteen months has been Nicki Jennison. Nicki has helped me set realistic goals, and once achieved has helped me set new ones, all the while being careful to protect my physical wellbeing. Her regular Biosignature body fat assessment sessions have helped to determine my progress and it keeps me on the right track.  Nicki has helped correct my posture and strengthen my core, I am now able to maintain this whilst lifting heavier weights or conducting other exercise. I’m feeling fitter than ever before.

Keeping fit means a total feeling of well being including keeping my mind active and clear. Fitness gives me the opportunity to participate in some fantastic activities like:

  • Climbing the mountains of Rwanda to visit a family of gorillas
  • Diving with the hump back whales in Tonga
  • Community events like the City to Bay fun run
  • Travelling to some interesting countries all over the world
  • Working until I’m ready to retire

My current life as a cosmetic injector has been the most rewarding period of all. I am able to help people improve their facial appearance, often with subtle changes providing unexpectedly dramatic results, and I can share in their pleasure and gratitude.”

I admire Nadia’s outlook to life, health and fitness.  I too share in Nadia’s passion to help people feel better about themselves.  Both of our jobs are rewarding and I am privileged to be able to help Nadia (and others) on their fitness/health goals.

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