Get $50 Off a Body Geometry Bike Fit

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Body Geometry Bike Fit

Bike Blitz has partnered with Bike Society to offer you the best service and best discounts.

Last month I popped into Bike Society for a 2 1/2 hour Body Geometry Bike Fit.

I had already set my bike up to the best of my ability but this wasn’t a patch on what I was about to undergo with Matt at Bike Society in Brighton, Adelaide.

We filmed the whole process to give you an idea of what is involved.  I have managed to edit the recording down to 11 minutes!  There was an awful lot covered in those (nearly) 3 hours!

What was involved?….

  • Matt discussed why I was riding, length of rides and what I was hoping to gain from this fit.
  • We then discussed past and present injuries.
  • Aches and pains on the bike currently and any concerns.
  • Measured my butt on the arsometer!  To make sure I had the correct saddle for me sit bone width.
  • Measured my instep of my foot to see how it was sitting in my shoes.
  • Recorded the angle of resistance of my hip flexors, hamstrings, IT band.
  • Measured the angle of my knee and hips on the bike
  • Measured the length of my bike frame, handlebars, pedals and seat.
  • Adjusted my cleats for better comfort
  • Adjusted my seat height and angle of my saddle
  • Added some wedges to my shoes for a better fit
  • TOTALLY transformed my cycling in 2 1/2 hours!

If you have any aches and pains or have never had a proper bike fit done, I would highly recommend making the most of this special offer.

$50 OFF a Body Geometry Bike Fit* if you have purchased the Bike Blitz training program.  Code for this discount will be given to you in the first email once you have purchased Bike Blitz.

AND on top of a Bike Fit discount I am going to offer 25% OFF the Bike Blitz Training Program!  Savings all round!!!  Use coupon code “Bikefit25” at the checkout to receive this special price, valid till Nov 11th 2018.

$25 OFF a Body Geometry Bike Fit*.  By just mentioning this blog.

  • Must be booked before November 11th  2018, but can be scheduled for after this date if needs be.


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