What is it?

Biosignature (developed by Charles Poliquin) is a 12-site body fat test that can quickly and accurately allow me to determine the cause of fat in a specific area by comparing data from skinfold measurements against blood, urine and saliva tests.

As a trained Biosignature practitioner, I then develop a personalised program to help improve all areas of your life alongside reducing fat from problem areas commonly affected by imbalanced hormonal profile. These areas include over-representation of fat in the cheeks, chin, chest, triceps, shoulder blade, mid axillary, hip, stomach, thigh, hamstrings, knee and calf.

Hormones Biosignature looks at:

Hormone Skin Fold Occurrence
Cortisol Umbilical Excessive fat gain in belly region, disrupted sleep pattern
Insulin Suprailliac, Subscapular Excessive fat gain in love handles and on the upper back
Estrogen Quadraceps, Hamstrings Excessive fat gain in hips and legs
Testosterone Pectoral, Tricep Androgen imbalance, accumulated fat in chest area for men
Growth Hormone Knee, Calf Reflects sleep patterns and overall fat loss
Thyroid Mid-auxillary Function of thyroid, accumulated fat 8 inches below armpit
Biosignature benefits


If you have tried multiple types of workout programs, diet changes and wellness products but nothing seems to make a difference to your problem areas, Biosignature may be the answer for you. Biosignature works to improve every aspect of your health and wellbeing through an extremely personalised nutrition, exercise, supplement program that is responsive to your exact biochemistry and lifestyle.

A healthy and balanced hormonal system is imperative to maintaining your best physical and mental health for the rest of your life. With Biosignature, you will:

  • Learn techniques that will help you achieve fat loss and stay healthy, lean and strong for life
  • Use your own hormonal profile to address imbalances in estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, and insulin that disproportionately affect the way your fat is distributed
  • Create sustainable changes to diet/supplements, exercise, and lifestyle for your body
  • Build lean muscle with a targeted exercise and nutritional program
  • Correct hormone imbalances that may be affecting your sleep quality and your ability to handle ‘normal’ stress
  • Increase your energy levels and libido and reduce depression by providing your body with what it needs on a neurological level
  • Decrease your chances of developing insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Reduce the effects of the menopause
  • Support the liver in its job as a detoxifier with a diet that won’t leave you feeling hungry or tired.



"It was time to get serious."

“After three kids, not enough time, not enough sleep and my metabolism slowing more dramatically with every birthday, enough was enough.

After joining the gym two years ago, I was on a cardio-fuelled treadmill to nowhere. You know the feeling – week after week you knock yourself out in the cardio classes, and yet you just don’t see the results.

So I went to see Nicki.

I worked closely with Nicki for 8 weeks and achieved a 10 kilogram weight loss in that time. Her training sessions also ensured that I had a brand new muscle tone that I’d never, ever known.

A year ago, I thought my best days were behind me. Now I think my best days are yet to come!”

– Kate Crocker

"I started working with Nicki 7 weeks ago and this girl has totally changed my life!"

“I had surgery back in January after being left with next to no cartilage in my knee from years of playing netball. The surgery was pretty intense leaving me non weight bearing for a couple of months.

7 months on I was walking again but stairs and jumping were totally out of the question and what I could manage came with an awful amount of pain and swelling.

I started working with Nicki 7 weeks ago and this girl has totally changed my life!…

The improvements in my movement are unbelievable, not only am I walking and climbing stairs pain free, I’m also running again.

I would have never imagined I would be in this position after such a short amount of time. Thank you Nicki from the bottom of my heart. I’m looking forward to seeing where we go from here….”

– Charlotte Jackson

"Nicki has helped me set realistic goals ... all the while being careful to protect my physical wellbeing."

“During a period of high pressure work I suffered a minor stroke, due to a blood vessel going into spasm, probably caused by a combination of the stress and a medication being taken. This required two weeks of intensive rehabilitation to regain full mobility.

As a direct result of this experience I am now dedicated to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Nicki has helped me set realistic goals, and once achieved has helped me set new ones, all the while being careful to protect my physical wellbeing. Her regular Biosignature body fat assessment sessions have helped to determine my progress and it keeps me on the right track. Nicki has helped correct my posture and strengthen my core, I am now able to maintain this whilst lifting heavier weights or conducting other exercise. I’m feeling fitter than ever before.”

– Nadia Macpherson

"I got in touch with Nicki and it has made an incredible difference"

Byron was born with a rare vascular disease and has had a challenging start to life with many surgeries on his legs, growing up in a wheelchair and then using crutches for years. He is now walking up to 8km and doing really well.

“I got in touch with Nicki and it has made an incredible difference, not only in weight loss, making him stronger and moving, but also in his confidence, he is just a different person.”

– Lee Irvine (Byron’s Mum)

“Nicki will spend time to understand your goals and what is important to you and will design training to match."

“I trust Nicki to help me on my journey to being a healthier me. I find Nicki very engaging, thoughtful and helpful. She takes time to explain the ‘why’ we are doing certain exercises and helps focus on technique, to ensure the best outcome and to stay safe. Nicki’s remote training sessions are as tough and engaging as in the gym.”

– Ted Treloar

"I can easily say training with Nicki has made me much healthier and happier and given me back some free time.”

Around four years ago I realised how unfit and fat I had become when the doctor told me I had high blood pressure and was overweight. I guess it was obvious to others but I had continued to fool myself and with the pressures of life I just didn’t notice. I weighed over 100kg.

My wife and I decided to do Nicki’s 10 week challenge, which showed me I can work out less. Two to three short sessions a week of high intensity training, and a careful management of diet was far more effective that the hours of work I was doing on my own previously.

– Stuart Thorpe


How quickly will I see results?

You will notice a difference within a week.

Weekly measurements will show you just how quickly your body will respond to the right program for you. You can expect to see some major changes with in 8-12 weeks. Of course this does depend on you, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it!

Do I need to take supplements?

Any supplements recommended are going to be specific to your results from the measurements, and you will only be recommended what will help you specifically.

What do I need to wear?

The callipers are sensitive enough to measure through clothing, so wear something light and comfortable. If you can, please avoid lycra (this can cause the callipers to slip) and racer back tops (they tend to interfere where we need to take your measurement).

Do I need to be a gym member?

No you don’t. I can see you in my Studio in South Brighton, no need to have a gym membership.

Do I need to exercise while doing Biosignature?

Like any health or wellness program, you will get the best results if you follow an exercise program designed to suit your hormonal profile. What do we mean when we say this?

Did you know that traditional cardio exercises like running or cycling can actually be counter productive to your weight loss goal if you suffer from high stress levels? It may be that yoga / pilates is going to suit your body best, or a weights program to build muscle and increase testosterone.

We can discuss what you are currently doing and the equipment that you have and with my 23 years of Personal Training experience we can get the right programme to suit you and give you the maximum results in the minimum time.

Not sure where to start and want some custom advice on what’s going to be best for you?