Exercise Challenge TRX Rows

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TRX Row, Finishing position

TRX Row, Finishing position

Exercise challenge, TRX Row

This is the perfect time of year (if you live in southern hemisphere) to get outside and enjoy exercising in the fresh air with amazing weather and scenery.

The TRX is perfect for outdoor and indoor workouts.  Just secure it around a tree, or pole and away you go.

This exercise is great for strengthening the muscles between your shoulders, rhomboids and traps.  Most of us tend to have rounded shoulders from poor daily posture – sitting at a computer, leaning over a sink, looking down at our phones!!  This exercise helps to balance us out by tightening and strengthening our back muscles whilst opening out our chest.

To make this exercise easier you simply need to stand up straighter at the beginning of the exercise and to make this exercise harder then you would walk your feet closer to the TRX as shown below.

Harder position, Almost horizontal starting position

Harder position, Almost horizontal starting position

The more parallel to the ground your body is the heavier your own body weight feels.

I would start this exercise with 2-3 sets of 12-15 and ensuring that your abs stay tight the whole way through and you don’t sink your bottom to the ground.  Your body must remain like a plank the whole way through with no back arching or bum sinking.  Make sure you get a really good squeeze between your shoulders as you come up to the top and open your chest out fully.

The main mistake I see people doing with this exercise is choosing a level that is too hard for themselves and then when they squeeze up to the top they start to round their shoulders forwards instead of squeezing them back. If this is happening to you, simply take a few steps back and start with an easier option so that you get the right muscles working.

Good luck, let me know how you find this.

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