Get Rid of Belly Fat In 3 Simple Steps

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Get Rid of Belly Fat In 3 Simple Steps

The human body stores fat in two ways. It either stores fat under the skin, or it stores fat deep inside the internal organs. Fat stores within the skin are also called subcutaneous fat and the fat stored inside the internal organs are referred to as visceral fat, for example, belly fat. Both fats are necessary.

Visceral fat (found around the abdomen) is harmful and can increase your risk of chronic disease such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and fluctuating blood pressure.  Subcutaneous fat can be helpful in protecting the body from extreme weather.   

So, What Can You Do to Control Belly Fat?  


Anything is better than nothing!  Start small and work up to longer sessions.

Ideally participating in moderate aerobic activity (like walking) for at least 7 hours a week.  To make this less daunting you can break this into small 10-15 minute walks throughout your day, walk to work, walk after work, or with a friend (when you incorporate exercise and catching up with someone its incredible how easy it feels).
Or participate in vigorous aerobic activity (like running or HIIT Training) for 4 hours a week.
I would also highly recommend strength training at least 2-3 times a week.  The more muscle your body has the more calories you burn during rest (whilst you sleep even!) So this is a great way of keeping off the fat.     

A Sugar-Free Diet   

Breakfast is it really that important for fat loss?

Sugar-Free is it really that important for fat loss? Yes!  It is important to be aware of hidden sugars that can lead to weight gain over time.  Sugar (if not used for energy) stores as fat in the body eventually.   Most processed foods add sugar, even healthy muesli bars are full of sugar from dried fruit.  So even the healthiest looking of foods can be too much for your body if you are not exercising enough to burn the sugar off.  Sugar is one of the strongest obstacles in tackling belly fat.    

Proper Sleep  


Studies have shown that too much or too little sleep affects visceral fat storage significantly. Various experiments have shown that people who sleep less than six hours a night or for more than eight hours at night gain more visceral fat than those who sleep between six and seven hours. So it’s important to maintain good sleeping patterns. 

Belly fat can be really dangerous for your health leading to chronic disease.  Maintaining a proper diet, working out regularly and sleeping are really just the start in tackling visceral fat. 

For more information on how you can reduce your belly fat please get in touch for a health consultation.    

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