Walking Can Be Your Routine Workout. How?

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Walking Can Be Your Routine Workout. How?

A successful exercise program begins with a set of goals and a clear path to achieving them. Unless you are walking fast, long, and often enough, you are probably not getting the most out of your walking. 

Success Starts with a Plan 

Start with organizing your walking times and days and follow it rigorously. In order to get the best results from your walking program, you should decide how often, how intensely, and for how long you will walk. 

Do You Know How Much Walking Is Enough? 

When it comes to getting fit, it’s critical to distinguish between walking as part of your daily routine and going out specifically for fitness purposes. 

Many experts recommend that walking for 30 minutes every day of the week is helpful to maintain good health. However, some experts suggest that walking 30 to 45 minutes three to five days a week is also enough to sustain good health. 

Start with at least 3 days a week. Once you recognize the benefits of walking, you will naturally increase the intensity and duration of your walks. 

What pace should I do? 

Each person walks at a different pace. Sprinting for some people is walking for others and vice versa. 

A simple way of increasing your pace is to do so gradually over time. At the start keeping your own pace is important otherwise you might lose motivation and interest to even continue walking regularly.  

Although it is generally recommended to walk at any pace, researchers have found that brisk walks reduce the chances of developing heart disease significantly compared to a more leisurely pace. 

In order to achieve an optimal level of fitness, both slow and fast walks are important. Your mental health,motivation and fat burning can benefit from a slower paced walk.  Faster walks will challenge your cardiovascular system more and be more beneficial to your heart and lung health. 

The Health benefits of slow-paced walks can be achieved with longer duration of walks. By moderate, lengthy and regular walks, your body will be able to obtain more oxygen from the blood and burn fat instead of carbohydrates as fuel. It will also help in strengthening the tissues besides improving the endurance of the body. 

So, What Is The Best Way To Walk? 

It is best to combine both.  

Time and intensity are related in the sense that as one increases, the other starts to decrease.  So, to get the best results, workout sessions should be longer and slower, or, more intense and quicker in duration in order to achieve the best results. 

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