Workout: 3 Tips for High Motivation

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3 Tips for High Motivation During a Workout  

Motivation for anything, including workouts, plays a key role in your personal and professional life. And to be more specific about fitness, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling good is really crucial. In order to reach these goals, you need to plan your workouts and then maintain motivation whilst working out. We all know that we can have the best intentions but sometimes our motivation wanes and then we either don’t do a workout or we do a half hearted one.

If you’re too tired, don’t want to get up, or sometimes simply don’t feel like working out for no apparent reason, then it’s really easy to stop working out altogether. And if your workouts are not giving you the results you expect then you may begin to lose motivation.

The results you get from workouts will accumulate over time, and this can only be done with regular workouts.    

So how can you stay motivated and workout regularly? What does it take to maintain high motivation for working out?   

The following three brilliant tips will sustain your motivation for workout sessions and help you achieve your fitness goals.    

Take A Gradual Approach  

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Adopt a gradual approach in the beginning. As you increase your fitness session intensity, make sure to work with your level of fitness and push yourself slowly. It’s possible to cause injuries if you go too hard too quickly. And getting injured is one quick way of stopping your workouts. As a beginner you really don’t need to do much to start seeing results. Start to build up your reps and sets and exercise time slowly.  Make your workouts achievable, if you only think you can train for 10 minutes every other day then start with that.  You will be more motivated at achieving something than setting yourself up for failure by setting bigger targets that are going to be harder to achieve.  And ultimately with time your workout lengths, reps, sets and weights will definitely improve.  

Plan Your Workout Sessions  

It’s great to have a plan to follow so you don’t have to think about what you have to do.  However sometimes on some days you just won’t want to do it, so be flexible enough to allow yourself to do something else.

During a workout, try to have fun, stay entertained, and keep yourself energized. Plan your workouts by incorporating activities that you enjoy doing.  Working out doesn’t always have to be lifting weights  at the gym or running.

Adding different activities can help to keep you motivated.  You could dedicate a particular day to particular activity that you love: dancing, yoga, surfing, rollerskating, aqua aerobics, ballet, tap dancing etc. This way, it keeps working out varied and motivating.  

(I recently had a break from the gym and started surfing, cycling and walking.  I’m now working out in the gym again with more motivation, I just needed that break.  Listen to what makes your heart and soul sing.)

Celebrate The Small Wins  

When you set fitness goals, mindset also becomes incredibly important.  The most important thing you can do is be kind to yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. Exercising is good for you, but losing sight of your limitations can have undesirable impacts.

Comparing yourself to a skinny size 6 model when the smallest you’ve ever been is a curvy size 14 is not going to be healthy for your mind or body. Thinking that you can be as strong as someone that has been training for 10 years and you have only been working out for 2 months is setting yourself up for failure.  Be realistic with what you can do and you will feel happier with your success.

Take time for yourself, spend some time on yourself, your mindset and loving who you are.  Staying positive will help to drive your motivation.   Focus on your greatest win for the day, not what you didn’t achieve. Start celebrating the small successes. Focusing on what you can do, not what you can’t do.  From little things, big results grow.

Use these tips to keep yourself motivated for your workout sessions. Using these 3 steps will help with initial motivation, which then leads to pushing yourself to the next level rather than giving up. The process is certainly slow, but once you get going, you’ll be rewarded with fantastic results.  

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