4 Ways To Keep Your Summer Fitness

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With Autumn on it’s way and the fresher days starting to show up it’s good to have an action plan to keep your summer fitness during the Autumn and Winter months.  Here’s 4 tips to help you keep your fitness levels up.

  1. Autumn can be perfect for some longer rides at anytime of the day with some crisper cooler weather making it perfect riding conditions.  Take advantage of the beautiful autumn days to keep your endurance base for longer during the Winter months before you have to switch to more inside forms of training.
    Gym Training
  2. Focus on some gym or home based training.  After a Summer on the saddle we can tend to neglect our resistance training with can lead to a lack of strength in our core and legs.  If you keep a strength training programme up during Winter then you will return to the Bike next Spring with improved core stability, power and endurance.  Bike Blitz is the perfect programme over Winter specifically designed to strengthen your legs, core and shoulder stability.  To purchase the programme or find out more then click here.
    Bike Blitz Food plan
  3. Change your macronutrients – With less long rides and more interval training from spin classes at the gym or strength training, your body will need less carbohydrates than normal.  Start to increase your protein intake and reduce your carbohydrate intake.  Change the types of carbohydrates that you normally eat to more clean complex carbs like sweet potatoes, pumpkin and leafy greens, fruit and beans.  If you are not sure on the sorts of foods that you should be eating then try out the Bike Blitz Programme, which comes with a weekly healthy meal plan.
  4. Cut back on your Calorie intake – If you have been spending lots of time on the bike this summer the chances are that your snacks and food intake have matched your calorie expenditure from long rides.  It’s quite common to keep eating the same quantity of food when you’re not exercising as much or burning it off.  Become conscious of the extra snacks that might not be as necessary now that you are not spending as much time on the bike.  Match your food intake to your exercise needs.

For more details on a 4 week gym and home programme with weekly food plan and recipes, to keep you fit over Winter send me an email to with your questions.

Bike Blitz Testimonials:

“I was worried about doing an online programme and not knowing how to follow it, but it’s so comprehensive, well laid out and with very clear explanations and videos, it’s great”.

“I’m at the beginning of Week 4 and have already knocked 6 mins off my Mount Lofty Ride”

“3 weeks in and I am feeling stronger and looser already”

“The exercises are excellent and keep me motivated and on track”.

“I’ve been making the most of commuting into work and getting fitter already by including the interval training days into my commute”.

“The food plan is so achievable, even the kids will eat all the meals”.

“I can already feel my core strength improving and I’m lasting longer on the bike with NO back pain! Such a difference, thanks so much”.

“Such good value for money, the programme is really well presented and easy to follow. The exercise videos really help, it’s great to have something to follow”.

“Bike Blitz has a huge amount of valuable content, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to get until I received it all.  There is a lot of great content, Nicki’s passion and knowledge is very apparent. I’m looking forward to starting!”.

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