Kate Francis

Kate Francis
Kate Francis’s Testimonial

I first saw Nicki Jennison floating around the gym back in September 2011. She always said hello and I noticed that the girls she was training looked amazing. After taking quite a few of her awesome RPM classes, she announced that her services were available during the 8 week challenge. I decided to enter the gym challenge, and I knew that Nicki was the trainer for me.

Nicki kick started my training with sound dietary advice, which I stuck to religiously. A clean diet backed up with weight training proved to be the ticket.  She helped me get my body fat percentage from around 20% to less than 10%.  I was 9kg’s lighter in only 8 weeks and my muscle definition had massively improved. With the help, training and support from Nicki, I won the 8 week challenge, and was thrilled to bits.

Nicki’s qualifications in Bio Signature, proved to be an amazing attribute also.

Throughout the challenge we did regular caliper tests and the results were always very interesting to see. When your trainer turns around and tell you your not getting enough sleep from your calf measurement or that your too stressed from your ab measurement…and you know that she’s right, it makes you think that Biosignature is well worth the investment to help you achieve your desired results.

As far as training goes, Nicki has been quite a mentor to me. She has shown me correct technique, encouraged me to lift heavier than I thought possible, adjusted my form, and given me some awesome workouts. She also gave me the courage to get in with the big boys and start lifting heavy, which I love.

Winning 2 more challenges!

Since the Genesis 8 week challenge, I decided that I would enter 2 more challenges that were running simultaneously. One was online through Mass Nutrition Australia, and the other was at Blackwood Fitness; entering the muscle definition category. I continued with my Biosignature caliper tests on a regular basis to keep track of my progress. This showed that I had dropped another 6kg, gained more muscle, while keeping my body fat percentage under 10%.  I won the muscle definition category in the gym challenge and took out the National title for ‘Best Transformation’ in the Mass Nutrition challenge.

Nicki has been an inspiration to me in regards to weight training, diet and her overall positive attitude to the fitness industry. She is an honest trainer, she will give you her opinion upfront without hurting your feelings. Her approach to circuit training is always fresh, and you are guaranteed to learn something new each session.

I cannot recommend Nicki’s services highly enough.  If you follow her advice about diet, training and even supplements, you will get results in no time at all. You will become a lot fitter- faster, and transform into the new you.

So train mean, eat clean, look lean!!!

Kate Francis
Cake maker & Gym Junkie

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*Disclaimer: These are individuals experiences and results.  There is no guarantee of specific results as results can vary from person to person.