core workout

10-Minute Core Workout That Will Roast Your Abs

Almost everyone I know wants to have strong abs. In this article, I will give you a 10-minute core workout that will absolutely work your ab muscles. First, start off with a warm-up. A brisk walk for about 5-10 minutes or some dynamic or static stretches. Then you are ready for the core workout. Perform…

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July 25, 2019
How often should you change your workout

How Often Should You Change Your Workout

Do you feel that you have reached a plateau in your workout routine or results? Well, that could be a sign that you should change your workout. However, before doing so, there are considerations that you need to take into account. Generally you should change your fitness routine every four to six weeks. But that’s…

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June 19, 2019
Fitness Faster Personal Training Studio 3rd Birthday party

Studio 3rd Birthday, are you coming?

Wow, it’s been Three Years!! and to celebrate I am holding a studio party, which you are all invited to. Everyone is welcome, clients, old clients. If you have never been to the Fitness Faster Personal Training Studio now is your chance to come and check it out. There will be a blind auction with…

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April 4, 2019
Fitness Faster Spartan Team

Want to join us? True Grit Obstacle Race April 27th

True Grit Obstacle Race – Join us! My last ditch attempt to get you all involved (those that can run!) in True Grit! Fitness Faster is going to Caudo Winery to join the assault course that is True Grit. 12km race with 30+ obstacles.  At this stage you probably need to be able to run…

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April 4, 2019
are detox juices good for you

Is doing a juice cleanse good for you?

Is doing a juice cleanse good for you? Juice cleansing has been an ongoing diet trend where you strictly consume juices from fruit and veg, in an attempt to lose weight and detoxify the body. Let me make this very clear now, it is very different from blending juices or having a juice as part…

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April 3, 2019
Fat Burning food, fitness faster

10 foods that boost fat burning

10 foods that boost fat burning Metabolism is the term used to describe how quickly your body burns fat or calories. It is partly genetic, but you can boost it by eating the right foods. Yes, that is right, by eating! There are certain foods that can rev up your metabolism naturally.  A higher metabolism…

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March 15, 2019
Cycling Trips, Bike Blitz

Essential items to take on cycling trips to avoid disasters!

Essential items to take on cycling trips to avoid disasters! Most of us have, unfortunately, experienced it – going on a cycling trip without double checking if we have everything we need.  As a result, if problems arise during the ride, things can get pretty inconvenient and sometimes it ruins the day. That’s why, when…

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March 8, 2019
5 reasons you need strength training for cycling

5 Reasons You Need Strength Training For Cycling

5 Reasons You Need Strength Training For Cycling Strength training often has this misconception that it’s exclusively for bodybuilders. But strength training is now universally accepted as vital training for endurance athletes.  Not only does it help improve your ride, it also improves your overall health and quality of life. Here are a few reasons…

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February 27, 2019
Equipment for beginner cyclists

8 Must Haves For Beginner Cyclists

8 Equipment Must Haves For Beginner Cyclists As a beginner cyclist, cycling can seem like quite an expensive hobby. There is lots of equipment that cyclists feel they need and this can get pretty expensive. But beginner cyclist don’t really need all of it. I have listed down all the essentials that you need as…

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February 11, 2019
improve your cycling performance

5 Resolutions To Improve Your Cycling Performance

It’s New Year and I am sure that some of you have made a New Year’s Resolution list already. However to succeed I would highly recommend doing one (or maybe all) of the things that I have listed down below which will help you improve your cycling performance and your overall fitness. 1 – Hire…

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January 11, 2019
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