Peter Lee

Peter Lee
Peter Ilee’s Testimonial

I found the Biosignature testing to be a real eye opener. It is a whole different way of thinking about the way I live my life.  I pay more attention to what I eat and drink, my rest and hydration and I take more notice of what my body is telling me.

I’ve learnt to pay more attention to the foods I eat, when I eat them and what’s good and not so good. It changed my perception of “healthy eating” and a new approach based on the Biosignature has helped me to significantly reduce my weight, stress on my body, energy levels, endurance and wellbeing.

I had done a lot of exercise in the past to keep a reasonable level of fitness, but all this work was wasted by a poor diet, inadequate hydration and lack of rest.

Biosignature has allowed me to turn this around, to lose 5kg (so far) and to reduce the amount of exercise I have to do to stay fit and healthy. I’d recommend Biosignature to everyone, if for nothing else, to help you to understand what your body is telling you about your lifestyle.

Peter Lee

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