How I lost weight, but put fat on!! Scales lie

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Biosignature Body Fat Analysis

Biosignature Body Fat Analysis

This is why you should all throw your scales away NOW.

I hate scales, they misrepresent what is going on in your body ALL the time.  You could be on the best exercise plan, pumping some weights, running, yoga etc and eating all the right foods and then you hop on the scales after 2 weeks and they haven’t budged, or you have put weight on!  Has this ever happened to you?

And how disheartening is it?  You have put in all that good work, effort and will power and it hasn’t worked, so then what do you do?  Go back to your old ways as this healthy eating and exercise isn’t working.

Am I right?

I know you have heard this a million times, but the scales don’t really measure what is truly happening with your body.  Your weight gain or static weight could be because your body is losing fat and gaining muscle, which as we all know weighs more than fat.  So you could be shrinking in size, your body could be getting tighter and you go and ruin it all because the scales don’t tell you what is really happening.

And on the other flip side of things – I have lost weight and I am not happy about it!  Before you start hating me for saying this, listen to the reasons why.

Above, you can see my body fat measurements, weight and lean mass.  As you can see in June of last year I was sitting happily at 58kg and 14.1% body fat and 49.8kg of lean mass.

Compare that to 7 months later.  I have lost 2kg of muscle, of lean mass 🙁  I have gained 2.5% body fat and yet if I were to look at the scales I should be happy with this as I have lost 700g!  I am far from happy about losing 2kg of muscle. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest which means the more sneaky treats you can have whilst maintaining the same weight.

This loss in muscle and gain in fat is due to the last 7 months being devoted to rehab exercises from hip surgery.  I have not been able to lift the heavy weights I used to, in fact it took me about 4 months to be able to walk properly again, and look at my measurements now.  I never focus on what the scales say but what my measurements tell me.

Can you see how the scales can lie to you about what is going on?  I am looking forward to gaining back that Lean Mass of mine and if the scales go up I will embrace it, as it will mean that my body will be looking fitter and stronger and I can get back to eating some sneaky treats again.

So please, the next time your goal is to lose weight, start thinking of it as losing fat instead.  Ditch your scales, take out a tape measure and check out your progress that way, or take some photos to see the positive changes in your physique.  Or come and get a Biosignature Body fat analysis done and that will tell you exactly where you are losing body fat from and how much lean mass you are gaining from all the exercise you are doing.  Don’t let the scales demotivate you!

The scales lie, the scales lie, the scales lie. Repeat after me the scales lie!

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