5 Healthier Habits You Can Start Today

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We are 5 months into the New year – how have your new years resolutions gone? Was making healthier habits part of them? If not, don’t fret, you can start making small changes to your routine that can have a big impact on your health, weight, and fitness for the 2nd half of the year.

Fitness FasterDrink more water

Our body is composed of 60% water. Water is needed to help regulate the body’s temperature and maintain bodily functions. The body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion that is why it is important to rehydrate to keep our body functioning properly. There are also a lot of benefits that come with drinking water such as it hydrates your skin, prevents constipation, helps with physical performance, aids in weight loss, flushes out toxins and so much more!

Snapper Skewers with Cauliflower Mash and Steamed Veg RecipeMake one healthy meal each day 

It’s not about strictly sticking to difficult diets rules but instead starting with something small and achievable. Make one of your meals per day a balanced one. A balanced combo of Macros – Protein, Carbs and Fats.  If you don’t have any idea what to make then join my online training program which has an easy to follow meal plan and grocery shopping list to make your life easier. 

Walk more… Run, Cycle or Swim

People spend the majority of their time sitting and for long periods of time.  This can cause several health issues such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. An easy solution for this is to walk more – take the stairs instead of using the escalator or elevator, run errands on foot and if it’s not too far, walk home after work. Better yet, you can ride your bike to and from work. These healthier habits may not sound like a lot, but this extra movement makes a lot of difference in your overall health. It’s also a good idea to set an alarm every 30 minutes to remind you to get up and out of your seat.  This helps with postural issues as well as the negative side effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

40+ men's FitnessBe present 

Social media may be good in reconnecting with old friends who you haven’t seen for a while and maintaining relationships with people who are far away from us but it is causing us to lose real life connections with our loved ones and miss out on life. Try to set a goal to spend less time on social media and do something productive – maybe reading a book, starting a hobby or just talking with a loved one. You will notice that you’ll be in a much better mood and that you’re not really missing anything by being offline for a while.

SleepingGet a good night’s sleep

Getting proper sleep can drastically improve your health – it improves your memory and mood, allows you to think clearer, helps control your weight, helps strengthen your immune system and it can lower your stress. An average adult needs about 7 – 8 hours of sleep although that can vary from person to person. You can try experimenting with your sleeping hours and assess how you feel the following morning, whether you feel happy and energized or not. If you are having trouble sleeping, try some relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga before going to bed.

Start with just one of these healthier habits and then increase them as they start to become part of your daily routine. Try to incorporate whatever healthy habits you can practice into your current lifestyle. It will help you on your road to living a healthier, happier life.

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