Fitness Faster Spartan Team

Fitness Faster Spartan Team

Do you need some motivation for your training?

Do you want to join a fun team and have an active day out?


Then Join the Fitness Faster Spartan Team.

We will be doing the 13+km Spartan Race on the 26th August 2017.

Go onto the Spartan website

Choose the Super 13+km race.  Pick the 10am Wave.  Then add ‘Fitness Faster‘ as your team and use the password ‘Goteam.

Use the coupon code ‘MATES4MATES’ to get 10% off, Only valid till Friday 11th August.

Then get in touch with me 0414 544944 to let me know you have joined and we can all organise to car pool.  I am looking at organising a BBQ or dinner after. But details on that TBC.

Now start training!  If you are stuck on some ideas then you could start by watching my Hardcore Workout 

If you need more focus, motivation or help then why not BOOK some individual training;  a Personal Training or Group Training session.

I look forward to having you on our team.  All Fitness Levels welcome to join.  We are going for a FUN day not a super competitive day.

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