Should You Exercise When You’re Tired?

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Should you exercise when you are tired?Should You Exercise When You’re Tired?

Have you ever been in a situation where the thought of exercising is something you look forward to?You set your alarm for the next day but end up sleeping through the alarm because you feel tired? Have you ever ask yourself, should you exercise when you’re tired.  Am I just feeling ‘lazy tired’ or am I really ‘exhausted tired’?

Tiredness is something that we can feel every day. You might be tired because of the busy day at work, you might be tired from running errands through the day or you might so tired that you need to take a break and get away. Which ever it is, I’m sure somebody has told you to exercise to alleviate your tiredness. However, the question is, should you [really] exercise when you’re tired?  Or are you just pushing your body to the limit?

Why are you tired?

Well, that depends. Ask yourself… why am I tired, what’s causing it? Maybe you are just feeling lazy or lacking some motivation. If you find yourself making up excuses to answer that question, then do yourself a favour and hit the gym, do yoga, go for a run, or do any home workout routine.  You will feel a whole lot better afterwards.  Your body will be filled with endorphins and you will have more energy to carry on with your day.

However, if you feel exhausted – you fall asleep the moment you hit the couch, your legs are heavy and/or wobbly, you don’t sleep well at night and you are getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night then it’s probably best to skip your workout. Pushing your body to exercise when you can barely keep yourself awake could cause more damage than good.  Exercising when you are truly exhausted/fatigued will lead to a higher risk of injuries, a decrease in performance, and impairment of your immune system.

The key here is to listen to your body. If you are truly exhausted then take a nap or have a lie in, your body needs to relax and to recharge. However if you feel like you’ve recovered then put on your workout clothes and get back on track.  

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