10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

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10 New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

2017, 2018 and now, 2019. Time flies so fast that we don’t even realize that we have not accomplished anything from our New Year’s resolutions from last year. Have you ever wondered why? Or tried to ask yourself, are my goals too ambitious? Do I lose sight of my goals easily? Or maybe, am I lacking in motivation?

For years, people have tried:

  • enrolling in self-development classes,
  • downloading fitness apps,
  • joining a gym,
  • going on the latest diet,
  • making a bucket list for the year and many more. But sometimes, all these “lists of things we want to do” just don’t get accomplished.

    So, for this “New Year’s resolutions”, I want you to focus on the three aspects that affects the entirety of your whole being: physical, mental and social.

    Physical. Focus on achievable goals that directly affect your entire body. Focus on goals that will help you become healthier in 2019.

    1. Drink more water

    Sometimes, due to a very busy schedule, we tend to forget that our body needs at least 8 glasses of water every day. So, before you start accomplishing other goals for 2019, start by planning your water intake.  Without adequate water intake your fat loss will be slowed down!  Are you reaching for a glass yet…?

    2. Eat more veggies

    To make sure that you’re in good shape in 2019, start planning your year by increasing the healthy foods that you can eat. If you are particularly bad at getting veggies into your diet then this is the perfect time to start. Instead of eating foods that are full of sugar or can raise your cholesterol, why not make veggies your top priority in your meals and snacks this year. 

    Healthy eating for winter at fitness faster personal training studio, south Brighton3. Go to bed on time

    Part of being healthy this year is prioritizing yourself first. Try to lessen your social media time while in bed.   Reduce the amount of screen time before bed, as this reduces your melatonin levels and makes it harder to drop off to sleep and can disturb your circadian rhythm.  

    Set an alarm to alert you when you should be getting to bed and start getting to bed earlier.
    To learn more about how Sleep can affect your health and fitness click here to read “How lack of Sleep can make you fat”.

    4. Walk more

    Take some time to do some simple exercise. Do a 10-minute run up the stairs either in your office or home or even a 20-minute brisk walk before/after work or even during a lunch break. Study shows that tired people who climb stairs for at least 10 minutes will have higher energy boosts than those who depend more on coffee and other soda drinks as a source of energy.

    Mental. Plan on doing something this year that will enhance the emotional and intellectual aspects of your life.

    5. Relax

    Don’t be caught up with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Make one of your new year’s resolutions some time to relax, at least once a week. Go to the beach or take a walk in the park. Give yourself a break, schedule it into your diary if you have to! Embrace the life that you are planning on enjoying this year.

    6. Do yoga

    If rigorous training didn’t work for you last year, why not try doing some yoga. The mind and body discipline that combines breathing exercises, simple meditation and physical postures helps relax your mind and strengthen your muscles.

    Yoga in South Brighton, relaxing with breathing techniques and meditation.

    7. Read a book

    Try learning something new this year.  One of your new years resolutions could be to expand your mind and your learnings.  Become a better version of yourself by expanding your knowledge.

    Social. Make it your goal this year to interact and meet new people. This year, try to expand your social life and be more interactive in the world around you.

    8. Volunteer

    Try to make use of any extra time you may have by volunteering in non-government organizations or foundations. Volunteer in feeding programs and medical missions. Be more open to groups and to people around you. By the end of 2019, you will realize you have made an impact on something significant through your simple acts of kindness.

    9. Travel

    Slowly explore the world. You don’t need to go to Japan, America or Rome. Try visiting the tourist spot that is a 3-hour drive away from you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, try to explore and discover the simple but beautiful locations that might be on your doorstep.

    10. Connect and reconnect with people

    Finally, connect and re-connect with people. Revisit the interactions that you had this year with your friends and family and ask yourself if you had quality time with them. If not, then now is the time to reconnect with them.

    Time is moving so fast, don’t get caught up in unnecessary interactions, make the time to really reconnect with those special people in your life so you can live with no regrets.

    Not all of these will be applicable to everyone. Check the current levels of your physical, mental and social wellbeing. If you think that you need to improve something, then now is the time for you to start identifying what and then plan some ways to make your life better in 2019.

    If you would like more help with any health and fitness related goals then get in touch.  Either email or give me a call on 0414 544944

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