Fitness Studio in the making.  1st pic of many.

Fitness Studio in the making. 1st pic of many.

New Private Fitness Studio in the making!

I am so excited as this is something I have been wanting to do for ages.

Fitness Faster is building a small private Fitness, Yoga, Meditation and Pilates Studio in Brighton.

It might not look like much at the moment especially with the dog chewed door!  However a lot of work is going into it over the next few months to get it all bright, sparkly and shiny.  With a cable machine, smith machine, bench press, squat rack and plenty of functional training equipment like Kettle bells and TRX etc already purchased it will be the perfect space for personal training and small group sessions.

With a softly lit open space for yoga and pilates I am looking forward to putting on small or personal yoga, pilates and meditation classes.  Hopefully these intimate classes will help you reduce the stresses from the day and relax into a blissful state of stretched, flexible, toned Zen 🙂

It will also be an ideal space for Biosignature body fat consultations, where I can set you up with a plan of action to help you lose weight, gain energy and improve your sleep.

I am so excited.  I will keep you updated with progress shots as the studio starts to form itself into the vision that I have in my head.  So far the roof has come off and a new roof and insulation has been placed inside with a soft skylight.  Next we will be filling in some of the windows to reduce the glare and heat before framing the studio up ready for some interior walls.

Watch this space as the Studio dream starts to grow

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