50+ Fitness Classes Starting soon…

Are you worried that your trainer will ‘smash’ you and treat you like a 20 year old when you go to the gym? …  Or do you feel like 50+ classes will be too easy?

Some of my fittest clients are over 60 and we train in a way to suit their lifestyle, bodies and fitness goals.  Don’t be put off by the 50+ class, I will work you as hard as you want, or as gently as you need.

Are you are one of the 50 pluser’s that still wants to be pushed fairly hard and doesn’t want to join a class that is too easy for them?…..

Or are you a 50 pluser that wants to take it easy?  You may be feeling the effects of lack of flexibility and balance, or a few extra kg’s creeping on, or worried about bone density and just want your body to feel better?…


Then this is the 50+ Fitness class for you. I can tailor the class to make you work hard.  Or I can also make the same class gentler and easier for YOU, if you are a beginner to exercise or coming back after a break.

50+ Personal Training

I want everyone to feel like they can work towards improving what is important to them, at their own level in this class to achieve their goals.

From beginner to advanced, 50 – 90 years of age I can make you work to your own limits to:
  • Get fit,
  • Stay fit,
  • Improve your flexibility/mobility,
  • Increase your bone density,
  • Improve your balance,
  • Improve your cardiovascular health,
  • Help with health conditions,
  • Exercise safely with existing injuries or impaired mobility.

I am here to make your bodies feel and move better.  I will be planning sensible well thought out exercises to improve posture, muscle tone, flexibility, mobility and to improve general health, fitness and wellbeing.

Age is no barrier

Whilst our bodies definitely change as we get older it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom.  Age is merely a number…

If you want to see how staying fit can help you then watch my 80 year old Aunt teaching me Yoga, she in incredible!  She teaches me a few things and even does some moves that I can only aspire to do!!  Check it out here.

I believe that age really holds no barriers and I hate putting a label on this class. I want the over 50’s to feel comfortable in a non gym environment to work out at your own individual limits doing exercises that you are able to do.

The classes will start on:

Tuesday 17th October and Thursday 19th October.

These will be available to anyone over 50 that wants to work out safely and effectively.  I have years of experience in exercising throughout all ages.  I am trained in Rehab, Pilates and exercising for seniors.

Having already been through hip surgery myself I know what it feels like to be worried about your body and to want to make sure you are doing the right thing.  Luckily I have the knowledge and experience to help you through all stages of rehabilitation or pre-habilitation at a sensible pace.

50+ Flexibility and mobility

Maximum of 5 in each class

Due to the small class sizes I can adapt the exercises and the difficulty levels to suit everyone, from the beginner to exercise or an avid exerciser.

In a non judgmental space you can have fun, meet new people and learn what is right for your body. There will be no horrible high impact exercises (unless you want it! and your body can cope with it).

Due to the small class sizes they tend to fill quite fast. If you want to make a change book in quickly.

The classes will be running on:

Tuesday and Thursday at 10.30am.

Starting on Tuesday 17th October.

Lets try to prevent and slow down the effects of aging.

Book in your first class today and make a positive change to how you feel.

Your body will thank you for it.

For more details visit my classes page

Or call me on 0414 544 944

I look forward to hearing from you.

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