Private Health Insurance Rebate

Have you got Private Health Insurance?  Yes…

You can now Claim through your Private Health Insurance at Fitness Faster for Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates!!

Fitness Faster now has a Provider Number that you can use to claim back some of your costs.

What a great way to be able to budget Fitness Sessions, Rehab or Classes into your weekly routine.

Have you been thinking about hiring a Personal Trainer or taking up Yoga or Pilates, but the cost has put you off?…

Well now you can claim money back from your Health Cover.

The amount of potential refund is heavily dependent on the level of cover held by you.

Health Funds offering rebates exclusively to Fitness Faster, no questions asked.
  • AHM
  • Westfund
  • Health Partners
  • HIF

You will receive a rebate upon presentation of proof of payment from Fitness Faster

Tier 2 funds:

The following businesses require Fitness Faster to complete a registration form with the fund and you must have a referral form from a prescribing physician to be eligible to claim a rebate for fitness services.

  • NIB
Tier 3 funds:

The following funds require a medical referral and completion of appropriate documentation.

  • Medibank
  • HCF
  • Australian Unity
  • Teachers Health Fund

These are the funds that I am aware of, however if your fund is not listed here it is worth checking with your fund provider to see if you have cover for Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates.

I’m so excited that I am able to offer this and make training more accessible for everyone.

Do you need to:

  • Lose weight?
  • Improve your posture?
  • Increase your Strength and Tone?
  • Rehabilitate from an Injury? 
  • Improve your mobility or health?
  • Decrease Back Pain?
  • Increase your Core Strength?
  • Improve your Flexibility?
  • Get a Fitness Programme?
  • Train Pre or Post Natal?
  • Reduce the Stress in your Life?

Did you answer YES….

Then it’s time to make a positive change and get professional help so that you can train effectively to achieve your goals.

To book in a session either call 0414 544944 or go to the online BOOKING page.

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