Studio Party was Excellent

Thanks to all those that came along and made the Fitness Faster 1st Birthday Party such a lovely morning.

Big thanks to Tim Joy from Adelaide Massage Therapy for giving amazing massages all morning.  I don’t think there was a tense shoulder in the place by the time he had finished!

Adelaide Massage Therapy easing away tension all morning.

Adelaide Massage Therapy easing away tension all morning.

We also had ‘Wine for Yoga Lovers’ drop off some wine and (just a few) crushable glasses that everyone got to take home.

Wine for Yoga Lovers

Wine for Yoga Lovers

I think the photos speak for themselves when I say the wine was quite delicious.

And what an incredible raffle with prizes ranging from:

Organic Wine and a Free Facial, Perfect combo!

It was a great morning catching up with clients and meeting their friends, eating yummy healthy food and offsetting it with a little wine, everything in moderation is my motto.  You have to pick a lifestyle that is achievable for you to sustain.

Table FULL of healthy snacks

Table full of healthy snacks

Choc Muesli Bars, perfect for refuelling after a ride

If you feel like you missed out on a great day, then don’t worry I will be having Yearly Studio Birthdays, just make sure you don’t miss the next year.

If you are wanting to join the Fitness Faster Fun and want to find out what the Studio can offer you then give me a call on 0414 544944.

Or email me for more information and tell me a bit more about what you need and how I can help you

If you have any ideas on how I could improve next years party then please leave me a comment below.

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